BMW Angel Eyes 5W LED Upgrade Marker Bulbs Kit

BMW Angel Eyes 5W LED Upgrade Marker Bulbs Kit


Price: £34.95 (inl. VAT)


Powerful 5W LED marker bulbs kit for your BMW Angel Eyes from Xenons4U. Upgrade your old BMW (OEM) Angel Eyes marker bulbs to, new bright white ones. Usually OEM angel eyes are stock 3w power, and color yellow rated at 3000K, Xenons4U offer more powerful and brighter. If you looking for more brighter and white colour angel eyes upgrade, you in are right place!

With 5W LED kit your car would be clearly seen, at night and even at day.

5W LED Angel Eyes marker bulbs kit created with new special style, to avoid over heating during the summer time.

No O.B.C error messages. No interference with radio.

It is direct replacement to your existing bulbs, no modification is required, just plug and play.

Original part number

E39/E87/E63/E64 - 6312694048
E53/E65/E66 - 63126916097
E60/E61 - 63126929309


All cars must have OEM Xenon Headlights !!


Will fit to these BMW models

1 Series: E87 2004-2006
5 Series: E39 2001-2003
5 Series: E60 2004-2007
5 Series: E61 2004-2007 
6 Series: E63 2004-2007.07
6 Series: E64 2004-2007.07
7 Series: E65 2002-2008
7 Series: E66 2002-2008
X Series: E53 2004-2006
X Series: E83 X3 2007 onwards

One kit is for both headlights.