HID D1S Xenon Bulbs

HID D1S Xenon Bulbs


Price: £34.99 (inl. VAT)


A pair of the highest quality HID D1S Xenon Bulbs. Lamp Voltage S Power rated at 35W and used in projectort type headlights.

Our new generation HID D1S xenon lamps are perfectly designed to work with any ballast on your car aftermarket or OEM. It will not burn out your ballast like other bulbs can do this as they are very cheap and bad quality.

These HID D1S xenon bulbs is compatible with other brand lamps for example Philips, Osram Sylvania and etc.



Colour temperatures available:

  • 4300K - OEM White
  • 6000K - Ice Blue
  • 8000K - Aqua Blue
  • 10000K - Sapphire Blue

Xenons4U recommends to buy 4300K or 6000K xenon bulbs for the best light out put and road use.

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